FAQs – Indigenous business

Your business must:

  • Be at least 50% owned by Indigenous persons;
  • Be located in Australia;
  • Make the majority of its revenue through providing a product or service as opposed to grants and donations.

Sole traders, partnerships, incorporated companies (Pty Ltd or Ltd), not-for-profits, Aboriginal corporations, social enterprises and franchises can be registered with Supply Nation.

  • Click on the ‘Join now’ button on the top right hand side of this page or click here
  • Complete the online application process (including uploading your documentation)
  • Submit the application at the completion of the process

There is ZERO COST to register on Indigenous Business Direct and ZERO COST to become Certified. Both these services are COMPLETELY FREE to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses.

In addition, once you’re listed on Indigenous Business Direct, you will also have:

  • access to tailored training programs
  • opportunities to attend meet-the-buyer, meet-the-supplier events and Trade Fairs
  • potential to be included on business matching lists for members when your products or services match their requirements.

All of this is completely free of charge.

If the business is successful in its application for registration, the business will be advised by email and its profile will go live on Indigenous Business Direct immediately.

If the business is unsuccessful in its application for registration, the business will be contacted by Supply Nation and advised what is required to complete the registration.

Being on Indigenous Business Direct is not a guarantee that you will win work. Indigenous Business Direct is more like a marketing tool or platform where motivated buyers search for goods and services. You are more likely to be found if your profile sells your business well.

Our role is to support our paid government and corporate members in developing procurement processes to include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and to help them find Indigenous businesses that may fit their requirements and encourage them to invest in developing relationships with Indigenous businesses.

Being a verified (Registered or Certified Supplier) with Supply Nation is an important step to accessing buyers looking for Indigenous businesses.

Supply Nation does not get involved in the business relationships between our members and Indigenous businesses.

Members with procurement needs can approach their Relationship Manager at Supply Nation. The Relationship Manager takes a brief of what is required and then uses Indigenous Business Direct to generate a shortlist (or long list!) of businesses that meet the requirements.

Our Members will then receive the list of the matched businesses that meet the criteria to review.

Supply Nation is the only organisation to recognise two levels of Indigenous ownership:

  • Registered businesses are at least 50% or more Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander owned. This caters for equal partnerships with non-Indigenous owners.
  • Certified businesses are 51% or more (and often 100%) Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander owned, managed and controlled.

Certification with Supply Nation is the gold standard and many corporate and government agencies will seek to engage Certified businesses.

This is for a number of reasons:

  • Certified Suppliers meet international minority business definitions of being a minimum of 51% owned, managed and controlled. This means that any corporate that has global targets for minority business engagement will prefer to use Certified Suppliers
  • Certified Suppliers are, by definition, majority Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander owned, managed and controlled, meaning that Certified Supplier businesses are building the Indigenous business sector’s capabilities.

Certified Suppliers also receive a number of additional benefits with Supply Nation:

  • Use of the Certified Supplier logo
  • Access to contact details of our members through the reverse directory (on your supplier portal)
  • Opportunities to promote their businesses through the annual Christmas Catalogue and Supplier Diversity September

We encourage any eligible businesses to apply for Certification.

If you know your username but have forgotten your password, enter your username on the log in page and press the forgot my password link.

You will then receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. If you do not know your username, please contact Supply Nation on 1300 055 298.

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