Supply Nation undertakes research and produces publications on issues of relevance to Indigenous Australians and Indigenous Business. In addition to evaluating the impact and effectiveness of our services and programs, we collaborate with a range of university centres, government agencies and independent research agencies on research and policy projects.

Our research provides an evidence-base for Supply Nation to advocate for the needs and benefits of Indigenous Business and Indigenous procurement and contribute to discussions that affect Indigenous Australians with government, in the media, business, academia and the Indigenous community.

As custodian of Australia’s most respected data base of Indigenous businesses, a focus of our research is understanding the contours, trends and contributions the Indigenous Business sector makes to the broader national economy as well as its contribution to Indigenous well-being and self-determination.


Our research is disseminated through two main publications:

Supply Nation Research Reports

Substantial and original pieces of research on topics of relevance to Supply Nation’s mission and Indigenous business generally. They are commissioned primarily from external experts and may be written internally.

Supply Nation Research and Policy Briefs

Concise papers that summarise key areas of research or policy of relevance to the Indigenous Business sector and key stakeholders (including policy makers, procuring organisations, Indigenous businesses and the media). Briefs are written primarily by internal staff although external experts may also be commissioned.


For more information on Supply Nation’s research contact:

Dr. Gautam Pingali
Head of Research
1300 055 298
02 8357 6920
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