Helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses sell their products and services outside of Australia

Export Nation is an initiative offered by Supply Nation to help Indigenous businesses succeed internationally.

Many of our Indigenous businesses are already exporting and many more have the potential to do so. Supply Nation is committed to helping Indigenous businesses realise this potential.

Our Export Nation platform provides Indigenous businesses with access to information, resources and opportunities to guide them through their export journey and help them succeed in a global market.

Why should Indigenous businesses engage in international business?

Export can help businesses:

  • grow steadily and sustainably
  • diversify and spread their risk of doing business
  • learn innovative ideas to promote their business
  • increase the efficiency of their business

We have also incorporated an Export Readiness Quiz to help businesses determine where they are on their export journey and what support and services they may need.

Export Nation is exclusively available to Supply Nation verified Indigenous businesses. To learn more about the platform, log in to your supplier portal here.

Supply Nation is helping Indigenous businesses reach the global market, read more in our International Engagement flyer here.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly here.