Membership requirements

Supply Nation membership can be a catalyst for growth in your organisation as your procurement team unlocks the potential and value of including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses in your supply chain.

As part of a Supply Nation membership, each member commits to:

1. Appoint a senior procurement officer within their organisation who will act as Supply Nation’s primary contact and supplier diversity advocate. This primary contact should be familiar with the member’s overall purchasing function and have the authority to permit specific colleagues to engage with Supply Nation by attending meetings, events and functions as well participating in Supply Nation programs and committees where possible.

2. Undertake an assessment of current supplier diversity capability within the organisation with support from your dedicated Supply Nation Relationship Manager.

3. Embed a supplier diversity program within their organisation, including:

a. Working with Supply Nation registered and certified businesses
b. Working towards identified targets for spend
c. Working towards setting supplier diversity KPIs for key personnel within the organisation.

4. Develop and promote the relationship with Supply Nation and Supply Nation’s objectives within their organisation and provide the support necessary for the organisation’s representatives to participate in Supply Nation activities where appropriate.

5. Agree to provide Supply Nation with financial information relating to business activity and engagement with Supply Nation Registered and Certified Indigenous suppliers for Supply Nation’s reporting purposes.

View Supply Nation Membership Terms and Conditions here.

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For further information regarding membership requirements, please contact us.