Lend Lease & Kallico Catering


The Member: Lend Lease

Lend Lease is a multinational property and infrastructure company which works with communities, clients and colleagues to create positive legacies. This ranges from funding a project right through to developing and constructing state of the art buildings and infrastructure, including hospitals, roads and bridges. They also create residential communities, productive workplaces and retail destinations. Since 2011 the company has been investing in its Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and RAP Partnerships to acknowledge and celebrate the proud heritage of Australia’s First Peoples and promote opportunities for career development, sustainable business growth, and economic participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The Certified Supplier: Kallico Catering

Kallico Catering was launched in 2009 and offers a unique slant on contemporary professional and special event catering. Co-owners Daryll and Nene Brown have always been passionate about entertaining for family and friends and thus decided to turn their passion into a business. Wanting to learn more about traditional bush tucker, Daryll went back to Gerrinja in the South Coast, the place of his birth, to see his Uncle Barry (a genuine bush tucker man). Uncle Barry was able to give Daryll his blessings and advice on their new venture. From this meeting of the minds Daryll, Nene and staff have now developed a delicious bush tucker range that includes kangaroo, emu and croc gourmet treats, along with more traditional contemporary cuisine. They provide complete catering packages for private family functions and events as well as extensive corporate catering services including ongoing contracts.

The Opportunities and Outcomes:

The Lend Lease Communities business identified Kallico Catering as a supplier that could provide catering services to meet basic procurement principles (price and quality of product/service) and also fit with their commitment to promoting increased indigenous employment and participation.“Initially Kallico was engaged locally in Western Sydney on basic procurement principles - price and quality of product and service,” Cath Brokenborough, Lend Lease Chair Indigenous Engagement & Reconciliation explained, “but the Lend Lease Communities business soon realised that Daryll and Nene provide enormous value in the development of community relationships and through building cultural awareness of the Indigenous heritage in the area through their product offering. It wasn’t long before other Lend Lease businesses and its head office were placing orders with Kallico. We now see Kallico as a partner in delivering our RAP rather than just as another catering supplier,” Cath said. Kallico’s management of National Reconciliation Week, International Women’s Day and other events such as Boardroom Luncheons demonstrated their capacity to take on major contracts and deliver. The initial engagement with Lend Lease was to serve just two dishes at one of their functions. This led to catering additional small events and currently Kallico is one of the preferred primary caterers at Lend Lease’s head office. In 2014, Kallico Catering opened a second coffee shop – Kallico Coffee – in Pyrmont. Kallico Catering expects to see an increase in Lend Lease orders in 2015 with its new proximity to the CBD head office and major urban regeneration project sites at Barangaroo and Darling Harbour.

How Supply Nation was able to help:

While the relationship between Kallico and Lend Lease started very locally at Ropes Crossing, a Lend Lease community in Western Sydney, the Supply Nation certification process provided Lend Lease businesses with the assurance they are dealing with a recognised Indigenous business. Certification is important for organisations tracking their spend with Indigenous businesses. From their initial engagement, Kallico has been seen as a valuable contributor to catering services for Lend Lease and repeat business has ensued, leading to incredible growth for Kallico in the following 12 to 18 months. Thanks to Supply Nation, Kallico Catering has achieved significant business growth and received many new referrals. Through their association with Lend Lease, they have effectively become a co-convenor of the Young Indigenous Pathways Program, in conjunction also with creative studio Wirrimbi Designs.“While Kallico's delivery of the program is part of their commercial enterprise, Nene and Daryll have provided the students with a better understanding of living healthily through eating healthily as well as insights into running your own business,” Cath explained. Today, with the support of Supply Nation, Kallico Catering and Lend Lease are building a continuing partnership. They now provide boardroom lunches and special events across all of Lend Lease’s businesses, both in the Sydney CBD and western Sydney locations. Nene says that Cath Brokenborough and Judith Field, from the Lend Lease Western Sydney Communities team, have been exceptionally encouraging and supportive, providing many referrals. Nene’s best advice to other suppliers is to always accept any job offer, no matter how small it may seem. “Sometimes a little job can lead into a very big and long lasting business relationship,” she concluded.