Media Release: Supply Nation welcomes the Prime Minister's Indigenous Advisory Council

Supply Nation CEO, Charles Prouse has welcomed the announcement of the Membership of the Prime Minister's Indigenous Advisory Council.

Unveiled by Prime Minister, Tony Abbott on Saturday, 23 November, the Council is comprised of 12 members, several of whom have an affiliation with Supply Nation. These include:

  • Ms Leah Armstrong - CEO of Reconciliation Australia, Current Supply Nation Board Member
  • Mr Daniel Tucker - Founder and Managing Director of Carey Mining, Supply Nation Certified Supplier
  • Ms Gail Kelly - CEO of Westpac, Supply Nation corporate Member

Mr Prouse believes the Council's composition is a very positive outcome for Supply Nation, our Members, Certified Suppliers and additional stakeholders.

He commends the choice of Mr Warren Mundine, Executive Chairman of the Australian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, as Chair of the Council.

"I am particularly excited that the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council’s Membership includes Mr Warren Mundine as Chair," Mr Prouse said. "Mr Mundine has been a supporter and advocate of Supply Nation’s work.

"There is a great mix of skills and industries included in the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council.

"It is a refreshing departure from what some might have considered automatic candidates for Council," he added.

Mr Prouse hopes the Council will help to spread the supplier diversity message and ultimately assist in achieving Supply Nation's goal to create a vibrant and sustainable Indigenous enterprise sector in Australia.

"It is great to see that Indigenous business, like Indigenous people, are well represented across the nation," he said. "I believe attention and support should equally be given to Indigenous communities and businesses in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, ACT and WA, as much as the Northern parts of the country.

"We should be calling on all large corporate organisations to demonstrate their support for Indigenous businesses," he concluded.

The Council will meet three times a year with the Prime Minister and senior ministers and will inform the policy implementation of the government.

Supply Nation looks forward to working closely with the Members of the Indigenous Advisory Council, the Prime Minister, the Minister for Indigenous Affairs and additional affiliates to achieve positive change for Indigenous business and communities.

For more information on the Prime Minister's Indigenous Advisory Council please visit