Murra Wolka Creations & Freehills

Company: Murra Wolka Creations
Supply Nation Certified supplier since 2010
Client: Freehills
Supply Nation Member since 2009
Project/Contract: Staff Christmas gifts

“Fulfilling this contract allowed us to see what we were capable of achieving. It gave us the experience in working out the required planning and time, materials, staff and logistics.”
Joe Skeen, Managing Director, Murra Wolka Creations

Established in 1992, Murra Wolka Creations is a third generation Aboriginal owned family business, based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  Murra Wolka(which means hand painted)prides itself on crafting Australian made traditional and educational Aboriginal art pieces and corporate gifts. Painted by Aboriginal families, the company’s gifts are sold both locally and internationally. The company’s vision is to create sustainable employment for Aboriginal families.

The Client

Freehills is an Australian commercial law firm established in 1852. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Singapore, it has grown to become one of the largest and most respected law firms in Australia and South-East Asia.

The Opportunity

Freehills and Murra Wolka Creations connected at a Meet The Buyer event in Melbourne, in July 2010. Impressed by the company’s craftsmanship, Freehills requested a meeting and further product samples before commissioning them to create and supply 1900 framed hand painted Aboriginal art pieces - to be presented as Christmas gifts for its staff nationally. Each item was to be gift boxed, environmentally and community sensitive and, although unique, needed to be uniform.

The Outcome

Freehills was delighted with the outcome, with staff members commenting on the high quality and uniqueness of their Christmas gifts. The Executive team said they felt confident dealing with a third generation, 100% Indigenous business.

Fulfilling this contract enabled Murra Wolka to test its capabilities to supply a large volume of product in a relatively short period of time.

Planning, materials, staff and logistics were all key considerations, helping to create a model for managing large orders in the future, and most importantly, providing employment for more Indigenous Australians.

The team at Murra Wolka Creations remain excited that 1900 people now have a piece of Aboriginal art hanging on their wall.

How Supply Nation was able to help

Supply Nation helped connect Murra Wolka Creations to Freehills through its Meet the Buyer event. These events provide excellent opportunities for Indigenous businesses to connect directly with corporate Supply Nation members.