Open for business, Indigenous entrepreneurs meet corporate Australia

MEDIA Alert: Open for business – Indigenous entrepreneurs meet corporate Australia

Monday, April 1, 2012 – For Immediate release.

AIMSC Connect 2012 – Monday April 2 and Tuesday April 3 at the Hilton Hotel, Sydney.

AIMSC will bring Executives from top ASX businesses and government agencies together with Indigenous entrepreneurs at the Connect 2012 Conference and Exhibition at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel today.

Over 900 buyers and Indigenous entrepreneurs will attend the conference, trade show and premier awards dinner, the only event of its kind in Australia.

Over the past two years the success of Indigenous businesses has been unprecedented. 

AIMSC has more that quadrupled the financial growth for certified Indigenous enterprises, with $44.6 million dollars of corporate and government business in the past two and a half years.

AIMSC Chief Executive Officer Natalie Walker said the emerging sustainable and vibrant Indigenous enterprise sector has created opportunities and employment for all Australians, with research showing new jobs were shared evenly between Indigenous and non-Indigenous workers.

“There is no doubt this strong growth has a positive effect on Indigenous workers, but also on the nation as a whole.”

Ms Walker said that the success of Indigenous enterprises challenged perceptions and showed that Indigenous businesses could succeed in a tough commercial environment.

“The increase in business activity busts the myth that the Indigenous business sector is a collective of shaky start-ups in remote communities that only provide goods and services in tourism or arts and crafts.

“Rather Indigenous businesses are thriving in a range of areas including mining, catering, graphic design, telecommunications, legal services, printing and tourism,” said Ms Walker.

Ms Walker said AIMSC allowed Indigenous businesses to bypass established “old tie” networks and showcase their businesses

“Many Indigenous business people do not have access to traditional business networks and connections. We circumvent that by introducing certified Indigenous businesses directly to large corporate buyers.

“We see ourselves as a dating agency, connecting corporate Australia and certified Indigenous suppliers,” said Ms Walker.

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