Gilimbaa & Telstra

Company: Gilimbaa
Supply Nation Certified supplier since 2009
Client: Telstra
Supply Nation member since 2010
Project/Contract: Reconciliation Action Plan Artwork and Publication

“As an Indigenous creative agency, working with Telstra to help tell the story of their Reconciliation Action Plan journey, we have been able to learn more about their business, and foster an important two way learning process."
David Williams, CEO, Gilimbaa

"Telstra has demonstrated its commitment to engage with Indigenous Australia at a supplier level. It is through these working relationships that we enable the growth in building the economic capacity of Indigenous businesses in this country."
Troy Roderick, HR Manager - Diversity, Telstra

Gilimbaa - which means ‘today’ in the language of the Wakka Wakka people of central Queensland - is an indigenous creative agency. The Brisbane-based company was born out of a passion to work with indigenous art and storytelling and the elements it can bring to contemporary design and communication. Gilimbaa explores the story behind each project, with the objective of creating effective outcomes through strategic communication, artwork, design and illustration, and consultation. Its clients commission artwork as a unique way of communicating their Indigenous programs and/or initiatives.

The Client

Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company,has a longstanding and active commitment to employing Indigenous people and providing appropriate and accessible services to Indigenous customers, particularly in rural and remote Australia. The company supports programs in community development and the Arts which celebrate and help to sustain Indigenous culture. Telstra’s Reconciliation Action Plan spells out the company’s commitments to its customers, the community and its employees – with a particular focus on opportunities, partnerships and respect for Indigenous peoples.

The Opportunity

Gilimbaa was commissioned by Telstra in February 2010 to create artwork for its Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) document. This needed to represent both the core reconciliation values and programs unique to such a prominent national company and tell the story of Telstra’s long-established relationships with Indigenous Australia. Exploring these messages resulted in artwork which centred on the theme of ‘connection’ and the multiple meanings this has for Telstra and its relationship with Indigenous Australia.

The Outcome

Gilimbaa’s artwork created a unique visual identity for Telstra’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).The Plan has proved a valuable communication tool for educating people about Telstra’s reconciliation programs and goals, including those of respect, relationships and opportunities.

Story telling through Indigenous art, and the journey and process involved in creating this, can be an in-depth and delicate process. Having the Telstra team understand and watch this evolve was extremely beneficial for the team at Gilimbaa.

Because Telstra is an Supply Nation member, the procurement process was very straight forward. Gilimbaa worked closely with the company's corporate communications team to deliver the RAP, which was made available to Telstra staff and the community online and in printed form. The print version was produced by Supply Nation Certified Indigenous supplier, Print Junction from Adelaide.

As Telstra’s commitment to their RAP evolved, so did the artwork. In May 2011, Gilimbaa was engaged to update the artwork to reflect the next stage in the company’s RAP journey. Additionally, as the RAP was introduced into Telstra in 2010, Gilimbaa pitched a unique and effective way to tell its story through 3D animated artwork.

How Supply Nation was able to help

In 2009, Gilimbaa was contacted by Telstra through Supply Nation’s supplier database. The resulting relationship has proved highly beneficial to both parties.