Company: CorporateConnect.AB (CCAB)
Supply Nation Certified supplier since 2011
Client: Ernst & Young
Supply Nation member since 2011
Contract: Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

CCAB provides a unique service to its Corporate Partners, in responding to the needs of the corporate leader (the CEO or Senior management team) in relation to understanding how to engage with Indigenous Australians and achieve successful employment outcomes, including recruitment and retention. Our methodology is inclusive, tailored and strategic.

CCAB is dedicated to working with businesses, government agencies, schools and Indigenous communities, implementing practical approaches to achieve sustainable outcomes. Working in collaboration with corporate teams, and Reconciliation Australia, CCAB offers valuable support in the development of reconciliation action plans and their implementation within the workplace. In addition, CCAB is dedicated to working with corporate leaders, government agencies and Aboriginal communities to facilitate practical action through authentic partnerships that result in sustainable outcomes and improved life opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

The two Directors of the company are David Liddiard and Andrea Harms. CCAB has a highly credentialed and experienced team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous consultants who are called on to bring their expertise to specific contracted tasks.

The client

Ernst & Young is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services.

A close relationship had been established between David Liddiard and the senior management of Ernst & Young for some time, and after considering the development of a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for the organisation, CCAB was contracted to assist Ernst & Young with the process.

The opportunity

When opportunities to be involved in the process of developing a RAP arose, an overwhelming number of Ernst & Young staff from every state volunteered. National participation by Ernst & Young staff through an internal RAP group was managed effectively through face-to-face and teleconference meetings. An audit of the current work of Ernst & Young found many initiatives already in place that fitted within the RAP framework and were aligned with the core business of the company. Further consultation with Aboriginal community identified additional ideas and assisted with the development of a priority listing. A nominated Ernst & Young staff member took leadership of the process with the support of CCAB, who also facilitated the full and supportive engagement of Reconciliation Australia. Throughout the process, CCAB provided advice, feedback; direct links to Indigenous contacts and ensured that the RAP development adhered to a quite tight timeframe.

The outcomes

The RAP was completed and launched within the proposed timeframe, and has since been evolving at the state level in each office. Activities have already been undertaken which have shown a serious commitment of Ernst & Young to their RAP framework. For example, a CCAB project in a remote location, which involves assisting a community to build and manage its own store, has been provided with pro bono support for the development of a Business Plan by Ernst & Young. In addition, a senior staff member has been supporting a CCAB project in Dareton to strengthen and grow its Aboriginal Tourism business by providing advocacy, letter writing and practical advice. This support will result in increased Aboriginal employment at both locations.