All the Perks & National Rugby League (NRL) All Stars

Company: All the Perks
Supply Nation Certified supplier since 2010
Client: National Rugby League (NRL) All Stars
Supply Nation member since 2010
Contract: Public Relations services

“Working with a well-known and influential organisation like the NRL has helped us grow our brand and increase awareness of our services in the sporting sector around Australia.”
Krystal Perkins, Managing Director, All The Perks

“The NRL is committed to partnering with Indigenous business and increasing opportunities to work collaboratively. This has been formalised through the establishment of a ‘whole of game’ Reconciliation Action Plan.”
Trish Crews, Director Community Culture & Diversity, NRL

All The Perks (ATP) is a multidisciplinary communications company, providing services in public relations, strategic marketing and branding, digital and online services and event management.

Established in 2009 by Krystal Perkins, the company employs and trains Indigenous Australians in media, marketing and event management - working with clients in the public and private sector and other Indigenous organisations across Australia.

Building Community, Conversations and Experiences is the company’s value proposition to its clients. This has become a competitive advantage for ATP who now enjoys excellent relationships with Local, State and Federal Government clients.

The company model is based on the One Stop Shop method, so that customers can gain culturally appropriate and holistic solutions.

Major clients: Department of Health and Ageing, Reconciliation Australia, SEEK Ltd, NSW Government and NT Government.

Key projects: NRL All Stars PR campaign, One Deadly Step Marketing Program NSW Health, Department of Health and Ageing Events Management.

The Client

Launched in 2010, the National Rugby League (NRL) Indigenous All Stars team plays each year on the anniversary of the Prime Minister’s Apology to the Stolen Generations. The match celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture in Australia and features the NRL’s current best players. It is part of a wider program which sees the NRL working closely with Indigenous communities and businesses around Australia.

The Opportunity

All The Perks approached the NRL in July 2010 with a marketing and public relations proposal to promote the NRL Indigenous careers and employment program: All Stars Learn, Earn Legend! Along with the All Stars Game. They negotiated a contract to deliver a niche public relations campaign for the Indigenous All Stars NRL Regional Tours and the Indigenous Youth Summit programs, held in conjunction with the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR). This involved travelling to remote and regional communities in New South Wales to help promote Indigenous Australians’ contribution to Rugby League - from the grass roots to the professional level. It also helped to build community engagement with Indigenous youth - providing positive activities through sport.

The Outcome

Through its marketing and communications strategies, ATP was able to add value by supporting the NRL’s growing Indigenous and community development programs.

They did this through targeted public relations, promotional activities, community engagement programs and strategic brand support - all aimed at attracting more fans and reinforcing the Indigenous employment and Closing the Gap message.

The NRL was able to diversify the organisation’s supply chain by engaging an Aboriginal business to deliver the message of the Learn, Earn, Legend! Careers and employment program. The NRL All Stars brand and game were promoted and positioned within the heartland of Rugby League, and encouraged further support and participation from a range of audiences.

The NRL marketing division and the community relations team welcomed the opportunity to deliver a strategic public relations campaign, with an Indigenous specific thrust. Building on this, the NRL also encouraged their PR partner to work in conjunction with ATP, offering the opportunity for ATP to assist in providing cultural, community and communication advice to this stakeholder.

The experience helped ATP gain a better understanding of sports marketing and build a positive, ongoing relationship with the NRL and the Australian Rugby League. It also helped ATP grow its brand and increase awareness of its service offering in the sporting sector across Australia.