Australian Supplier Diversity Index

Exclusively available to our government and corporate members, the Australian Supplier Diversity Index (ASDI) is an Australian first - a world-leading supplier diversity assessment tool that measures and reports on supplier diversity best practice and performance. 

The data collected will be analysed to produce an annual benchmark of best practice. All organisation’s data will remain anonymous, however de-identified data will be used to benchmark your organisation within your industry.

ASDI was developed in conjunction with a working group of diversity specialists and supplier diversity specialists. Supply Nation has partnered with the University of Melbourne Business School, NSW Government Procurement to further develop and assure ASDI.

Why do our members value ASDI?

ASDI provides Australian organisations with:

  • Insights into the reach of supplier diversity within an organisation
  • Tailored feedback to enable the development of a more integrated supplier diversity program
  • Strategic advice enabling improvement of supplier diversity initiatives over time
  • Awareness of globally recognised best practice
  • A benchmark against other organisations in an organisation’s industry
  • Tools to develop a tailored business case for supplier diversity investment