We’ve changed the way we categorise business services on Indigenous Business Direct. We have moved away from the UNSPS codes and have moved towards an industry-sector categorisation model.

To ensure that your business is found with the new system, ensure you update your coding. 

Update here

The first step of this process is to select the industry (or sector) in which you operate. Selecting the industry will insure that when a member searches broadly (for example - searches for Marketing) if you have selected that industry your profile will appear in the search results.

The next step is to choose specific goods or services you can deliver within that industry from the drop down list provided. This helps to insure that when a member searches more specifically (for example a specific service - Marketing Research Services) you will appear in the search results.

You will then be able to select the TOP 5 services your business can deliver. The TOP 5 services will be displayed front and centre on your profile. That doesn’t mean you can only add 5 services (as there is space to add up to 16) however, members have asked for profiles to lead with the 5 things you do best!