Business Summary

The Business summary paragraph should explain who you are as a company, your value proposition and what you do best and why.


Your first sentence should reinforce to the Member the specific type of work you do. Members want to know that if they hire you, you can get the job done, so give them that confidence.

Here is an example:

“Supply Nation is a not for profit that specialises in supplier diversity. We offer a range of services to our member and supplier base, including the facilitation and integration of Indigenous businesses into the supply chain of private sector corporations and government agencies, publishing research and promoting the integration of Indigenous businesses into the Australian economy. We also advocate on behalf of the Indigenous business community to foster business-to-business transactions and commercial partnerships between corporate Australia, government agencies and Indigenous business”


After hooking the member in with who you are and what you specialise in, then tell them why you do it and why you are the best at it. 

“Supply Nation’s goal is to promote and facilitate sustainable supplier diversity within the Australian market. We do this by offering a unique set of skills that helps to bring a wide range of corporate and government organisations together with Indigenous businesses to facilitate relationships and commercial opportunities.”


Next- add any additional information you feel will help a Member to make their decision. This can include information about your background/heritage as well as anything else you feel will help the buyer choose your business (including getting into detail with keywords and adding anything specific your business can deliver).

“The dream of an Australian Indigenous supplier diversity council was realised in 2009 when Supply Nation, initially known as the Australian Indigenous Minority Supplier Council (AIMSC), was founded. Since its earliest days, Supply Nation has developed the biggest membership in Australia of corporate, government and non-profit organisations committed to supplier diversity and Indigenous business development.”

The maximum length for a business summary is 200 words.

(The example above is only 183 words)