Supply Nation is launching an updated Indigenous Business Direct!

What has changed?

  • the search tool has been redesigned to improve functionality and useability
  • the profiles are richer – providing more information in a user-friendly format
  • each profile can house attachments – videos, brochures, images

What do we need from you?

Each profile needs to be complete and up to date. This is your opportunity to showcase your business to motivated buyers!

We have designed a process to make it easier for you to provide additional information and resources, and to ensure that your profile is up to date with all your latest business achievements.

Update your profile

  1. Click here to go to the login page
  2. Log in with your Supply Nation credentials (username and password)
  3. Once inside your ‘supplier portal’ you will see a column with “Update info for New System” (see screenshot below)
  4. Click on ‘View / Edit’ to review and update your profile information (if you have multiple businesses you will have to do this for each business)

      5. If you want to save your changes, and come back to add more later, click SAVE AS DRAFT

      6. If you have completed all your information and are ready to submit it to be updated on the new system, click SUBMIT


PLEASE NOTE: these changes will NOT be reflected on your current profile, but will be included when we roll out the new Indigenous Business Direct (currently scheduled for the end of May.


What exactly will be different?

Check out what a new supplier profile will look like and then click through to each section to find out more:

  1. More information and easier to update
  2. Banner Image and Company Logo
  3. Upfront Contact Details
  4. Top 5 Goods and Services
  5. Business Summary
  6. Asset Display
  7. Recent Experience
  8. Additional (Gated) Content
  9. Locations + Service Area
  10. Events