Indigenous Business Marketplace - Supplier FAQs

What is VendorPanel?

VendorPanel is the technology that power’s Supply Nation’s new online tool, Indigenous Business Marketplace. The platform provides Indigenous Businesses an easy way to manage and respond to quotes from Supply Nation members.

Why should Indigenous businesses register?

Supply Nation Indigenous businesses who register on the VendorPanel Indigenous Business Marketplace will be invited to respond and quote for relevant opportunities posted by Supply Nation members.

Why should members register?

Supply Nation members access sophisticated tools for seeking competitive quotes from Supply Nation Certified and Registered Indigenous businesses through the Indigenous Business Marketplace platform.

I’m getting emails about this – who are they from?

An invitation to register was sent via VendorPanel requesting that you register your business details. The Indigenous Business Marketplace, powered by VendorPanel technology, is a new tool from Supply Nation designed to help Supply Nation members request quotes directly from Indigenous businesses.

Who will use the Indigenous Business Marketplace?

Supply Nation members are invited to use the tool as part of their membership. Businesses registered on Indigenous Business Direct are invited to create a profile so that members can approach them directly to respond to relevant opportunities.

How will I be notified of quotes?

When you have been invited to respond to a quote, you will receive an email notification.

If I have not responded to a quote, will the system send me a reminder to respond? If so, how many days / hours before the request closes is a reminder sent?

A reminder email advising that the request is closing is sent five days before the request closes, and again one day before the request closes.

Can you guarantee work?

No - you should continue to respond to requests in the normal way and utilise other business development channels as usual.

Will all Supply Nation members be using it?

Not initially - you should continue to respond to requests in the normal way and utilise other business development channels as usual.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for Indigenous businesses to use the system. Members receive basic access as part of their membership.

Is it compulsory to register?

No. Whether you choose to register is completely at your discretion. However, if you choose not to register you risk missing out on business opportunities from Supply Nation members. You can choose to register or take yourself off the tool at any time.

Can my colleagues register in other locations?

Yes, if you have colleagues based in other locations around Australia, they are able to register their office locations.

I need assistance with my VendorPanel / Indigenous Business Marketplace account

If you require technical assistance, please contact VendorPanel Support ( or 03 9095 6181)

If you have not yet registered, or if you have any questions or queries about the tool, please contact VendorPanel Support  on or +61 3 9095 6181.