JumpStart: Building the Indigenous Business Sector

Do you need expert advice to help you solve your business problem?

Do you have a professional skill to share that will make a meaningful difference to an Indigenous business?

Do you need an answer to get you ahead in your business?

Do you want to gain leadership skills and build your resume and want to learn more about Indigenous Australians and make new connections?

Did you know that volunteering teaches people compassion and understanding?

Become a JumpStart volunteer and help make a meaningful difference to Indigenous Australia.


Supply Nation's Jump Start App is a unique tool that connects Certified Suppliers to skilled volunteers from corporate and government members who want to share their skills and knowledge with Indigenous businesses to help them grow.

Using JumpStart: if you are a Certified Supplier

All you have to do is download the app and register yourself as an Indigenous business. Once you have registered you can ask any business question or post a problem that you need solved by entering the question in the app.

Once this is done the app then matches you up with a volunteer who can help solve their business problem or question.  You then connect, meet and solve your problem together.

Download the App Now

The Supply Nation JumpStart app is available for download now.

Step 1. Go to the Apply App Store or Google Play


Step 2. Download the App

Step 3. Select Forgot password

Step 4. Enter the prompts in the email to set a new password for JumpStart