Example Capability Statements

A capability statement demonstrates to your clients what your business is and what you can do for them. It is important to include a concise and an accurate capability statement 


A capability statement demonstrates to your clients what your business is and what you can do for them. It is important to include a concise and an accurate capability statement on your profile so that potential clients can easily identify whether they would like to do business with you. Depending on the type and size of your business, you can choose some or include the key elements as below to include in a business capability statement are:

  • Mission and Vision Statement
  • Key Products and Services
  • Core Competencies, Capabilities and Areas of Expertise
  • Value Proposition
  • Key Differentiators
  • Organisational Values and Principles
  • Accreditations, Qualifications and Certifications
  • Approach to Governance and Risk Management
  • Achievements and Credentials

Below is a snapshot of mock business capabilities, and associated previous experience entries adapted from the World Wide Web as examples only.


Modern Cleaning Technology

Australian owned and operated, Modern Cleaning Technology (MCT) is a small office and industrial cleaning company providing cleaning solutions in Brisbane. Modern Cleaning Technology (MCT) was established in 2003 and is committed to building a reputation second to none within the office cleaning, industrial cleaning and mining sectors.

Our vision

Help our clients achieve high quality cleanliness in their work places.

Our areas of expertise

Our areas of expertise are in commercial office and industrial cleaning, workshop clean-ups, maintenance and cleaning of oil and chemical areas, and other general cleaning to eliminating potential fire and slip hazards.

Our personnel

We show leadership through the provision of accredited staff on all our cleaning projects and in our business practices. We employ and train competent personnel in OH&S and Human Resource roles ensuring reliable project delivery.

Previous experience

Name/Description: Industrial cleaning contract - multiple locations

Location: NSW

When: 08/2007 - Ongoing

Contracting Sector: Private

Summary (including specific product and services provided): We clean 3 medium size offices on a weekly basis for a large private client. Specific activities include cleaning workshops, kitchens and office spaces.

Name/Description: Domestic cleaning contract - single location

Location: NSW

When: 03/2008 - 06/2014

Contracting Sector: Government

Summary (including specific product and services provided): We undertook a 6 year contract to clean a medium size (350 sq m) office building including work stations, communal areas and cooking areas undertaken every business day. This work was highly regarded and was performed to a consistently high standard.



High Vision

High Vision is a leader in South Australia in social and applied research. Established in 1998, High Vision has experience in working for the resource sector in Australia and in developing countries assisting clients to meet world benchmark Performance Standards. High Vision works with a wide range of clients and has extensive experience in facilitating strong business, community and public sector relationships. We offer clients expertise and experience across a range of research and consulting services.

Core Competencies

High Vision Staff has expertise in the following: Strategic and business planning - Community and stakeholder consultation and engagement - Social and Economic Impact Assessment - Market research - Business development - Developing countries socio-economic development - Corporate governance - Organisational and project reviews – Change Management - International business

High Vision Values

Believes in working with clients to design processes to achieve sound objectives with integrity.

Uses the latest methodologies to achieve strategic outcomes for clients.

Works from a position of respect that values confidentiality and equality of access.

Emphasises flexibility in order to respond to the dynamic nature of projects.

Previous experience

Name/Description: Community Consultation and Research

Location: SA

When: 03/2013 - 06/2013

Contracting Sector: Government

Summary (including specific product and services provided): Provision of community consultation and reporting services in support of a Government led project for regional development in northern South Australia. We undertook over 300 surveys and conducted 17 consultation sessions, providing the State Government authorities with a strong basis for decision making and community engagement.



SKY Contractors

SKY Contractors offer total build and management solutions encompassing construction, fit outs and maintenance. We’ll build the building, fit it out for you and maintain its quality. As a total turnkey provider with considerable industry experience, we are your ideal partner to project manage every vital detail of your next construction project.

Our Core Competencies

Project management, Carpentry, Walls, Ceilings, Construction, Total fit out, Labour sourcing, Building maintenance

Our Quality Management

SKY Contractors are committed to quality management and have in place: Workplace Health & Safety Policy, Induction Policy, Performance Management Policy, Learning & Development Policy, Recruitment Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy, Grievance Policy, Discipline Policy, Absence & Leave Policy, Code of Conduct Policy, Drugs & Alcohol Policy,  Probation Policy, Unsatisfactory Performance Policy, Termination Policy.

Our Key Personnel

SKY personnel have a wealth of in-depth, real-world experience when it comes to delivering successful business outcomes. We'll provide the best team with a blend of skills to deliver your projects.

Previous experience

Name/Description: Central Darwin Accommodation Towers

Location: NT

When: 02/2013 - 04/2015

Contracting Sector: Private

Summary (including specific product and services provided): We provided construction, project management and labour sourcing for a $5.6m apartment build and fit out. This project was delivered 4% under budget and within the specified timeframe. We achieved a four star energy rating for the build and maintained the highest quality safety and efficiency standards throughout.



Intuitive Financial and Professional Services (IFPS) 

IFPS is the seventh largest financial and professional services firm in Australia and globally with offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, as well as 19 offices around the world. Our national practice has 54 partners and 720 staff.

Our service style and key differentiators

We believe that providing a quality service is our promise to our clients, and our approach to client service that ensures we build an effective working relationship, develop a strong understanding of your business and provide a level of attention and detail that makes us easy to work with. It is this ethos and culture that attracts quality people and clients to our firm. IFPS is uniquely positioned in the market by bringing significant service range, breadth and capability while maintaining the service ethic of a more relationship-driven firm.

Our Core Competencies

Acquisition and vendor due diligence, Independent accountant reports and forecast reviews, Mergers & acquisitions, Financial modelling, Project analysis, Project feasibility, Project financing. Valuation services, Independent expert reports, Intangible assets, Purchase price allocation, Impairment testing, Debt and derivatives, Litigation support and disputes, Tax planning and compliance

Our Governance and risk management practices

IFPS has a world class governance and risk management practices, including excellent financial controls, financial reporting, insurance, independent assessment of governance practices, well defined governance delegations, and Board and Committee performance evaluation.

Previous experience

Name/Description: Large corporate - merger and acquisition

Location: Sydney/Tokyo

When: 05/2012 - 09/2014

Contracting Sector: Private

Summary (including specific product and services provided): Over a 28 month period, we provided consulting and technical advice on  a merger and acquisition activity between a large Australian corporate and its recent Japanese parent company. Services provided including strategic and risk modelling, due diligence, litigation and support assistance and international taxation and financial support. Further information is available from us upon request.