Building the Indigenous business sector

Growing the Australian Indigenous business sector has significant, measurable and positive impacts on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Research shows that Indigenous businesses not only deliver innovative products and services but also employ Indigenous people, reconnect their employees to culture, instil pride and aspiration in Indigenous communities, invest back into communities and help heal the trauma of the stolen generations.

Access and opportunity drives the development of the Indigenous business sector, and Supply Nation has played an integral role in providing this since 2009. Prior to the formation of Supply Nation, no data was collected on how much money organisations spent with Indigenous suppliers and there was no established, integrated national support or guidance for organisations that wanted to purchase from Indigenous businesses.

Supply Nation’s impact on the Indigenous business sector

Supply Nation’s advocacy since 2009 has increased the opportunities available to Indigenous businesses by making it significantly easier to connect and do business with corporate Australia and government at all levels. Supply Nation’s corporate and government members are committed to growing the Indigenous business sector through purchasing, mentorship and in-kind support.

The Australian Government, through the new Indigenous Procurement Policy, is committed to increasing the number and value of contracts awarded to Indigenous businesses. Supply Nation is excited about working closely with the government to realise their target of 3% of all Federal Government contracts awarded to Indigenous businesses by 2020 – up from 0.02% in 2014.

Supply Nation’s vision for the Indigenous business sector

Supply Nation maintains its vision of a prosperous, vibrant and sustainable Indigenous business sector, and believes that a collaborative and united approach is the key to achieving real change. 

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