About supplier diversity

Supplier diversity is a business program that encourages organisations to use suppliers from traditionally underutilised groups, such an Indigenous owned, woman owned or minority owned businesses. As well as achieving measurable social impacts, supplier diversity drives a range of business benefits, including: sustainability, flexibility, innovation and value.

Supply Nation is focused on Indigenous supplier diversity to increase the opportunities for Indigenous businesses to supply their goods and services to large public and private sector organisations. Supplier diversity offers under-represented businesses the same opportunities to compete for business as other qualified suppliers.

What is the need for supplier diversity?

Supplier diversity helps organisations tap into the widest possible pool of suppliers. This proactive approach is increasingly mandated by government bodies and large companies that understand the benefits of providing a level playing field for minority suppliers. Like any organisational change, working towards supplier diversity is a process: often procurement policies have developed over many years based upon historical practices and existing commercial habits tend to limit opportunities for both clients and potential suppliers. A constructive and structured supplier diversity program creates a foundation to modify and redirect these practices and habits.

Government and the corporate sector recognise that the profile of their suppliers should mirror that of their customer base. Supply Nation Registered Businesses and Certified Suppliers can offer companies a range of innovative, competitive products and services with outstanding levels of customer service. In the past, organisations have expressed their frustration at the apparent difficulties identifying and engaging with diverse businesses. Supply Nation’s Indigenous Business Direct allows all buyers to easily search and identify appropriate Indigenous businesses.

Supplier diversity offers substantial benefits for Indigenous owned businesses and Indigenous communities as a whole.

How does Supply Nation facilitate supplier diversity?

Supply Nation was founded in 2009 to promote and facilitate sustainable supplier diversity within the Australian market. With a unique set of skills and experience in the sector, Supply Nation brings a wide range of corporate and government organisations together with Indigenous businesses to facilitate relationships and commercial opportunities.

The scale and business cultures of these two groups are often vastly different and Supply Nation is uniquely positioned to:

  • Facilitate the integration of Indigenous businesses into the supply chain of private sector corporations and government agencies
  • Promote best practice, conduct and publish research and lead the integration of Indigenous businesses into the Australian economy
  • Advocate on behalf of the Indigenous business community to foster business-to-business transactions and commercial partnerships between corporate Australia, government agencies and Indigenous business