Supply Nation Annual Report 2011-2012

In September 2012 AIMSC will successfully complete its pilot phase, having proved that the idea of an Indigenous supply council could work in Australia. In a sense, the real work now begins.

The pilot’s goal was to demonstrate that, with belief, encouragement and practical support, Indigenous Australians could establish sustainable and profitable businesses that are securely embedded in the supply chains of major Australian and international companies. Our achievements have been confirmed by the highly positive findings of the Australian Government funded report produced by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Creating businesses in this way has enormous benefits not only to Indigenous Australians but Australians generally. It creates jobs for all Australians and delivers additional business services of all kinds across all industry sectors. Many Indigenous communities lie close to major resource developments which rely on sub-contracting for many of their functions—which means AIMSC is playing a positive role in relieving the economic pressures resulting from the resources boom.

Enormous goodwill has been generated so far. AIMSC is developing champions across corporate Australia and the public sector. And this support is built on a strong record of success, as the following achievements demonstrate.

Our next phase – as a fully-fledged Indigenous minority supplier council – now begins. Whether you are an Indigenous supplier or a corporate member, we can help your business gain a winning edge and succeed.